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Glass Bottle Making Machines

Glass Bottle Making Machines

Glass Bottle Making Machines

The Development of Glass Bottle Making Machines

By John Trevor Gledhill

From the days of early hand making through to the modern day IS machine, the development of glass bottle machines is a journey that moves from the late 17th century through to the early 21st century. There are throughout this discourse many developments that failed and some that held prominence for a period, these are explored so that the reader can see the differences in approach that people made to the development of the machines. From such diversity there will be machines that have been missed, some of these machines will be local and confined to a single company, or, due to the sparseness of recorded history, ones that may never be discovered.

2014, 234 mm × 156 mm), 726 pages included black and white illustrations and tables.

ISBN 978-0-900682-67-4


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