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Training Day THE BATCH - guilty as charged June 5th 2019

Training Day THE BATCH - guilty as charged June 5th 2019

The Melting Technical Committee [MTC] is an active part of the glass industry community comprising Engineers/Technical Experts in Float, Fibre and Container Glass segments, consultants, academics and suppliers. The MTC thought there was an opportunity to have an annual one day event to address the technical needs of the industrial community and provide a networking forum. The outcome was the highly successful Furnace Solutions which is hosted at Lucideon in Stoke in June. At Furnace Solutions 7 the Committee launched a CD called Compendium of Glass, a collection of all the papers that have presented at the previous meetings plus significant documents relevant to today’s industrial glassmakers and suppliers.

Furnace Solutions 14 will take place on 6th June 2019 at Lucideon. Following the success of the training days the theme for June 5, 2019 will beTHE BATCH – guilty as charged” Either as a basic grounding or refresher, this day long training will focus on the basics, from a practical and modern perspective, aimed at anyone associated with furnace operation, maintenance and design.




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