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Crystallisation of ZrF,-BaFrNaF-AlF,-LaF, glasses V28 04-010

Crystallisation of ZrF,-BaFrNaF-AlF,-LaF, glasses V28 04-010

The crystallisation of glasses in the ZrF4-BaF2-NaF-AlF3-LaF3 system has been studied using differential thermal analysis, x-ray diffraction, and electronprobe microanalysis. Crystal growth rates at low temperatures are reported together with detailed analyses ofcrystallisation routes and equilibrium phases present below the liquidus. The phases crystallising under different thermal conditions include a disordered form of βBaF2.ZrF4, αBaF2.2ZrF4, βBaF2.2ZrF4, NaF.ZrF4,7NaF.6ZrF4, NaF.BaF2.2ZrF4, LaF3.2ZrF4, and acomplex A1 rich phase.


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