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Diffusion mechanisms in borosilicate glasses V16 53-56

Diffusion mechanisms in borosilicate glasses V16 53-56

The rates of silver ion diffusion in borosilicate glasses are interpreted in terms of a two site mechanism in which it is proposed that the jump frequency of the Ag' via (Si0,)- sites is greater than via (B0,)- sites. Deviation from ideal diffusion behaviour is least in glass containing 30 mol% B,O, which would be essentially a "one site" glass and greatest at a B,O, content of 10 mol% where two sites would be operative. It is shown that these variations are not adequately accounted for in terms of change of environment or electroneutrality requirements. The effect of the two sites is accentuated in this system by the polarisability of the silver ion, an effect also demonstrated in the case of cuprous ion diffusion.


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