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DVD Looking Through Glass

DVD Looking Through Glass

DVD Looking Through Glass

Glass is part of our lives, but we take it for granted. Windows protect us from the environment, but we look through them not at them. We savour the wine, but don’t notice the bottle which brought it to us nor the elegant vessel we drink it from. We complain that the internet runs slowly, but forget that without optical glass fibres it wouldn’t run at all!

Professor Alan Leadbetter developed an abiding interest in glass early in his distinguished academic career. His research interest concerned the thermodynamic properties and atomic structure of glasses, but he is a gifted communicator and his general lectures on glass have entranced wide-ranging audiences for the past thirty years. From the late nineties Jim Frost was his enthusiastic and gifted collaborator in these lectures – Jim has spend a lifetime in the glass industry and as a scientific glass blower at the University of Reading. He has lectured all over the world about glass and glass shaping techniques.

The combined expertise, insights and skills of these two outstanding glass experts has been distilled into the form of an educational DVD, intended to introduce students in the 14 to 18 age bracket to the fascination of a beautiful and versatile material. What is glass? How was it discovered? How do you make it? What benefits do glasses bring to our everyday lives? These and many other topics are covered by this excellent resource.

Inspiration for this project came from the European Society of Glass congress in 2006 at the University of Sunderland, hosted by the Society of Glass Technology, when glass artists and glass scientists rubbed shoulders with delegates whose interests were historical or industrial. A great mixing pot for creative ideas! To reflect this, the conference logo appears on the DVD artwork.

Funding for the production of this resource was made available from the European Forum on New Glass Applications, based on a grant received from the European Community as part of its Framework 6 programme. The Media Studies Faculty at the University of Sunderland contributed its world-class resources to produce an audio-visual experience which is guaranteed to fascinate and involve the target audience. So the Sheffield-based Society of Glass Technology (the leading Learned Society devoted to glass) is able to publish this ground-breaking curriculum resource at cost.


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