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Journals 2012

Journals 2012


European Journal of Glass Science & Technology Part A (ISSN 1753-3546)

European Journal of Glass Science & Technology Part B (ISSN 1753-3562)


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The two titles of our journals can be purchased here, they are published alternate months from February, i.e. six issues per year. Payment is required in pounds sterling free of all bank charges. Credit card payments are accepted, via this new secure website. Journals must be ordered on a calendar year basis.

Electronic subscription is now available. The service is provided through Ingenta, incorporating CatchWord, www.ingenta.com. Additionally, the previous eleven volumes of each journal are also available from 2009.
Surface mail is included in the price. No free replacement journals will be sent to countries outside the EU unless air mail charges are paid as below.


Glass Technology British 2012 - £ 283.00

Phys & Chem. of Glasses British 2012 - £ 300.00

Glass Technology Overseas 2012 - £ 309.00

Phys & Chem. of Glasses Overseas 2012 - £ 335.00

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