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Some Notes on Heat-resisting Metals JSGT_V17_T366-T377

Some Notes on Heat-resisting Metals JSGT_V17_T366-T377

The paper deals with developments and improvements in various metals to improve their resistance to heat. The phenomenon of “growth” in cast iron is briefly discussed and the addition of alloying elements on it is considered. Chromium is the most effective element in reducing “growth.” The influence of silicon is discussed and the good heat resistance of low carbon-high silicon irons described. The heat resistance of steel is dealt with and chromium is again shown to be the most effective element in reducing corrosion at high temperatures under both oxidising and sulphurising conditions. The utility of the chromium nickel austenitic steels is referred to and, particularly, the benefit conferred by the addition to the 18/8 type of titanium. The extreme susceptibility of the nichrome class of alloy to gases containing sulphur is shown, and the effect of the addition of aluminium to these alloys is dealt with. Experimental results are quoted showing the great increase in resistance to sulphur-containing gases obtained when aluminium is added to the nichrome class of alloy.


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