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The Melting of Glass. JSGT_V06_T003-T017

The Melting of Glass. JSGT_V06_T003-T017

As a useful departure from the ordinary procedure at meetings of the Society, the Council decided that at the November meeting questions should be invited from members relating to any point of difficulty or matters of interest in connection with the Melting of Glass. It was felt that a meeting of this character would stimulate discussion and perhaps lead many of the usually silent members to take part. This hope was, in fact, abundantly fulfilled. Of the many questions sent in only seven could be discussed in the time at the disposal of the meeting. The questions and the whole of the discussions were fruitful, not only to the manufacturer, but also to the technical worker and investigator in indicating how many are the problems yet to be solved before we can satisfactorily outline the scientific phenomena occurring during the operation of melting, whether in pot or tank furnaces. The discussion, therefore, had a dual usefulness.


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