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The Development of Optical Glass during the War

The Development of Optical Glass during the War

T225-T238 (14 pages)

The quality of the glass now being produced is quite up to the pre-war standard, in fact, in certain particulars the pre-war quality is surpassed. I do not say this upon my own initiative but on account of reports we have received from prominent opticians, both in this country and abroad. My own share in this achievement has been largely concerned with the scientific side, and my papers deal with some of the earlier work. As will be recognised, during my investigations a considerable amount of knowledge has accumulated, and this knowledge is probably of interest to all concerned with glass manufacture, and its kindred problems. Mr Frank Wood, I am pleased to say, shares my opinion that this knowledge should be published, and it is with his permission and on his advice that I make it known. My scheme for publication is a very comprehensive one, and I am afraid it will be, some considerable time before it reaches a conclusion. The present, series of papers deals with the alkali–lime–silica glasses.


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