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The year’s Progress in Glass Research under the Auspices of the Glass Research Delegacy

The year’s Progress in Glass Research under the Auspices of the Glass Research Delegacy

T132-T144 (13 pages)

The year to which this report refers was that which ended on March 31st 1919 the official end of the session of the Delegacy. And the record is therefore a little belated. To a very large extent the reports of the Delegacy and of its several Committees speak for themselves, and tell the story of the work done as well as that in hand and of the anxiety continually felt in regard to financing it. There is one special section, however, which may bear some further comment, namely, the degree course which has been set up now that once again students have returned to the University. In a subject of applied science, there is perhaps as yet no certainty as to the best method of training students. It has been customary, hitherto, to pursue a course in which the student spends three years continuously in his University studies, gaining in this way a sound knowledge of theory but having to be content with such practical knowledge as can be acquired in laboratories and by visits to works. There is something to be said for teaching a student as much as possible of the theories of science during his University career. He seldom has time or opportunity later on, and on passing out into works practice he speedily finds where his theoretical knowledge will stand him in good stead, whilst the practical experience he gradually acquires gives him confidence in jettisoning all useless or erroneous theory.


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