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Provisional Specifications for Glass Refractories

Provisional Specifications for Glass Refractories

T003-T014 (12 pages)

It was decided that it was essential to produce at as early a date as possible a set of Provisional Specifications dealing with:-

(a) Tank blocks, (b) Clay for glass pots and grog, (c) Silica bricks and blocks, (d) Miscellaneous refractories, based on a combination of such scientific data that existed and the best practical experience. Such Provisional Specifications were needed urgently for the guidance of glass manufacturers, furnace builders, and the suppliers .of refractory materials. At the same time, it was decided that researches into the nature and properties of refractory materials suitable for glass making were called for on an elaborate scale, and that steps should be taken to have these set on foot and the results embodied in a fuller series of Specifications at a later date.


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