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Note on a Coke Producer Gas Fired Tank for the Production of White Glass

Note on a Coke Producer Gas Fired Tank for the Production of White Glass

T082-T088 (7 pages)

I feel that it is almost a piece of audacity on my part to address you on the subject of furnaces, as I think I shall not be far wrong in stating that the majority of you have had much more experience than I have had: nevertheless, I am emboldened to do so by the very importance of the subject both at the present time and in the future. First. I want to approach the matter from a purely national point of view. Previous to the present great and devastating War, this Empire was so wealthy the payments by other nations for her goods, for services rendered, and of interest upon moneys lent were so vast that we could afford to be extravagant both with capital and revenue; but now that owing to enormous expenditures upon the war, great portions of foreigners' indebtedness to us have, been liquidated, it is of paramount necessity to reserve in every possible way every fraction of both capital and revenue at our command. One of our greatest national assets is our coal supply, and upon the use or misuse of this commodity will depend, to no small degree, our future national prosperity and well-being.


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