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The Resistant Power of Heavy-lead Potash Glass to Chemical Agents

The Resistant Power of Heavy-lead Potash Glass to Chemical Agents

T032-T035 (4 pages)

A reference was made in an earlier paper to a glass of heavy lead content which had shown remarkable resistant power to atmospheric weathering, presenting a surface which to all appearance, was unaffected after exposure to the atmosphere of Manchester for a period of seventy years. Recently, Nicolardot examined chemical glassware of French make containing lead and found it quite satisfactory towards hot or cold water, whilst in this country an attempt was made earlier in the war to manufacture and find a market for lead-containing glass beakers. But, generally speaking, lead glass is not regarded as possessing special power of resistance to chemical agents, although it was largely supplied for chemical apparatus in this country prior to the introduction of the German soda glass. It appeared a matter of considerable interest to examine the heavy-lead glass therefore, since it had been, in the middle of last century, not only used as a window glass, but also for water-gauges and flasks for laboratory use.


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