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Some Notes on American Methods and Practice in the Glass Industry

Some Notes on American Methods and Practice in the Glass Industry

T019-T029 (13 pages including 2 of plates)

In the following account I will try to explain some of the different systems I have seen at work in my travels through parts of America. In the photograph (facing p. 20) there are, shown several pieces of glassware, some pressed, some pressed and blown and some automatically or semi-automatically blown. The articles were made on an ordinary side-lever press and while the dish was in the mould jets of flame under pressure were driven into the dish to fire-polish it. The reason for keeping the dish in the mould while the interior is being polished is that the article may retain the exact shape of the mould, and thus the pattern does not become distorted. If the dish got out of shape, it would be impossible for the glass cutter to follow the design with his smoothing wheel. There is another method of fire-polishing the inside of round dishes and bowl-like articles. It is by cooling the article by means of a strong air-blast, and then opening the mould, taking out the dish, and placing it upon a slowly revolving table, where a jet or jets of air are blown against the outside of the article in order to keep it from losing its shape, while the flames are polishing the inside.


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