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The Use of Semi-automatic Glass Making Machinery in America JSGT_V01_T203-T209

The Use of Semi-automatic Glass Making Machinery in America JSGT_V01_T203-T209

The pioneer glass factories using semi-automatic machines in America met with many obstacles, and for years the use of machinery was decidedly discouraging to manufacturers. The chief obstacle met with was the attitude of the workmen. The glassblowers thought at that time that, in the event of the machines being successful, they would be thrown out of employment in glass factories and would be compelled to seek positions elsewhere at a considerably smaller wage. This, however, was not the case; on the contrary, it was proved in this industry, as it has been proved

in almost every other, that speedier and more economical means of production always led to a greater demand for the output. The wage of glass-blowers, strange to relate, increased rather than decreased; in many instances they gathered for the semi-automatic machines, and in some cases took full charge of the operation of the machines, including repairs, etc. The writer can remember cases where men, making less than £1 per day blowing bottles by old methods, were in a short time making over £2 per day gathering for semi-automatic machines. Directly the workmen recognised the fact that the machines were improving their condition, their previous doubts disappeared. This obstacle removed the progress of the machines towards a higher state of development was much more rapid.


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