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Attack of Chemical Reagents on Glass Surfaces JSGT_V01_T153-T202

Attack of Chemical Reagents on Glass Surfaces JSGT_V01_T153-T202

It was the necessities and the demands of the industrial chemist which gave rise to the British chemical ware industry. Laboratory glassware is one of the essentials in the production of munitions of war; for, without rigid chemical control, steel and explosives, as well as a host of other substances, cannot be effectively manufactured or their standard of quality maintained. The staffs of the large laboratories attached to the Sheffield steelworks speedily realised the situation, and, in co-operation with other chemists, made known their needs to the Board of Trade. The problem of substituting the German glass in bulk was not an easy one to solve, for not only had the chemical ware supplied by Germany attained a high standard of quality, but scarcely a glass manufacturer in this country was accustomed to working glass of the type required. The chemist was certainly in the position to

specify the properties which the glassware desired should posses, and, thanks to the published results of systematic investigations in Germany, the dependence of these properties on the composition was already tolerably well known.


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