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Some Notes on the Refractories Required m the Glass Industry JSGT_V01_T130-T137

Some Notes on the Refractories Required m the Glass Industry JSGT_V01_T130-T137

It is by no means difficult to state the requirements for an ideal and perfect refractory. The first requirement is infusibility, i.e. a high melting temperature and a high softening temperature. Intimately related to the latter is the very important requirement of strength, particularly as against compression, when hot. Next in importance, in many cases, ranks the power of resistance to chemical action set up either by liquids, such as slags and glasses, or by gases; resistance to the mechanical erosion produced by flames is also important. Resistance, to more or less sudden changes of temperature is also desired in many cases. Finally, given a material of the desired physical and chemical properties, it is important that it should be readily procured and easily treated, so as to bring it into the manufactured state. Here such properties as plasticity, shrinkage, and correct firing temperature come into question. It is, of course, obvious that no known material possesses in combination all these properties; the best available refractories possess them in varying degree, and careful selection is required in order to find a. material that will meet the particular requirements of each case.


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