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I.-British Glass-Sands: their Location and Characteristics.JSGT_V01_T003-T027

I.-British Glass-Sands: their Location and Characteristics.JSGT_V01_T003-T027

THE importance of the study of our resources of raw materials used in the manufacture· of glass needs no emphasis in a paper delivered to a Society largely composed of those directly concerned in the
industry. Despite this realisation, very little work has been done upon the raw materials of the glass-maker's "batch:'" That the investigation into the properties, behaviour, and impurities of our raw materials is receiving due, if tardy, recognition, is indicated by the appointment recently of a strong Standing Committee,
under the chairmanship of Prof. Herbert Jackson, F.R.S., by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for the purpose of considering problems dealing with glass and optical instruments.
The Committee has appointed a number of sub-committees, of which the first on the list is formed to deal with the question of raw materials f.or glass and glass-making.


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