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Integral antireflection films for glasses: a review V26 104-107

Integral antireflection films for glasses: a review V26 104-107

New demands are constantly being made of old areas of technology, one of these areas is in the production of antireflection coatings for glass components. There is now a need for wide-band, wide-angle coatings for solar energy applications and for coatings that will withstand higher power densities in laser optics. The integral gradient index antireflection coating, produced by modifying the glass surface, appears to be a solution to these problems. In this paper the current state of the art is reviewed. Gradient index antireflection coatings have been shown to produce reflectivities as low as 0.2% across the visible and near infrared spectrum effective up to angles of incidence of 70". These coatings have also been shown to have laser damage thresholds of up to 25 J/cm2 for a 1 ns pulse of laser radiation of 10.6 pm wavelength. This performance is considerably better than conventional thin film coatings. The major factor limiting their widespread use is their lack of durability, which is generally inferior to that of thin film coating.


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