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Kinetics of mixing in continuous glass melting tanks_GT_1966_002_011

Kinetics of mixing in continuous glass melting tanks_GT_1966_002_011

It is shown that the parameter that measures the local mixing rate in a continuous luminar flow system is (D/ɓ2Ux) where D is the appropriate chemical diffusion coefficient, ɓ, is the striation thickness, and Ux, is the throughput velocity. An analysis of the effect of flow on striation thickness shows that

dln ɓ = dU1

    dt      d1

where t is time and U1 is the velocity component in the direction of a striation an incremental length of which is termed dl. Schematic diagrams have been constructed which illustrate how shear, reduction of cross-sectional area, and rotation affect the thickness of variously oriented striations. The flow systems and sources of heterogeneity that occur in glass tanks are enumerated. Finally, a qualitative discussion of mixing in glass tanks making use of the analysis of local mixing is presented.


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