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The Origin of the Reputed Quart and other Measures V1 055-068

The Origin of the Reputed Quart and other Measures V1 055-068

The  reputed quart, equal to two-thirds of an imperial quart, is a firmly established, but unofficial, 'standard' capacityfor  wine- and spirit-bottles, not only in the U.K but also in most other parts of the world. Up to now, no satisfactory explanation for this has  been found.
In an attempt  to solve the mystery,  the author has studied the development of  English glass wine-bottles from the time when the first ones were made  early in the seventeenth century, and also the related history of weights and measures. It  was  found that  the reputed quart has been in continuous use for about three hundred years, and it is
suggested that it was originally an un­ official variation on the legal wine ql art, which itself  lwd arisen largely by accident, following mistakes  in the wording of the early laws.


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