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Bosc D'Antic on Glass-Making Contents Pages

Introduction 1
Preliminary discourse 13
Memoir that took the prize on glass making (1760, 1780) 27
On the antiquity of glass making. The discovery of glass (A) 32
Progress in the art of glass making in England (B) 35
Glass making in France 37
Progress in the art in France since 1760 (C) 39
On furnaces and pots 41
The nature of clay used for furnaces and pot making (D, E) 44
The blending of clays, use of grog 46
New material to be used in building furnaces (F) 49
Disadvantages of coarse grog (G) 52
Bad effects of tear drops in furnaces (H) 52
Building the furnace 52
English coal-fired furnaces (I) 58
Concerning pots 58
The English shape of pot (L) 60
Concerning the materials to be converted into glass 60
Fusibility of sands. Conjectures on the origin of quartz (M) 62
Fluxes 65
False ideas of authors on the choice of fluxes (N) 66
Red and white, lean and fat potash. Adulteration 68
of potash (O)
Soda 70
Calcination of red potash, nature of the blue in white 74
potash, Decomposition of potash by dissolution or
calcination (P)
New theory of Prussian blue (P) 76
Purification of alkali 78
Concerning manganese, its nature and colouring 80
constituent (Q)
On lime 82
On cullet 82
Calcining cullet is prejudicial (R) 83
Decolorizing with manganese 84
Batch compositions and glass melting 85
Concerning batches. Effects of lime. Glass porcelain (S) 87
Fusible spar substituted for lime 89
Liquor of flints, false explanations 90
Mixtures producing a homogeneous material 91
Fritting 93
Animal glass, the fourth type (T) 94
Melting of the batch 96
Fuels for glass making 98
Annealing 100
Important observations on annealing (U) 101
The nature of glass and the vitrifying agent (W) 103
Waste of labour and heat in the glasshouse 107
The art of glass provides the true principles (X) 108
Memoir on the cause of bubbles in glass (1758) 113
Memoir on the nature of the electrical fluid (1762) 123
Memoir on smears in glass (1765) 131
Observations on the art of Faience (1769) 143
On crucibles of the Auvergne (1771) 153
The false emerald of the Auvergne (1771) 161
Manufacture of and commerce in potash (1775) 171
Manufacture of sheet glass by the Bohemian method (1775) 181
On manufactures using fire (1775) 191
On the assaying of ores (1775) 201
Experiments on selenitic and fusible spars (1776) 219
On the evaporation of water thrown on glass (1778) 225
Bibliography 229
Plants used to provide alkali 233
Index 235
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