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Glass Technology Journals V18

Glass Technology Journals V18

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Archived Glass Technology Journals

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Stability analysis of glass fibre spinning V18 152-158

The theory of a nonisothermalfibre spinning process is developed for the condition where the molten fluid freezes before it reaches the winding spool. The extensional viscosity of the molten fluid is characterised by a power law model and the surface tension is assumed to have a linear dependence on temperature. The conservation equations are solved by a linear perturbation technique. The ratio of the velocity at the take up device to that at the nozzle exit is called the extension ratio and the onset of instability depends on its value. The effect of freezing is to stabilise the spinning process, that is values of the extension ratio higher than those predicted for a nonfreezing fibre can be realised. Surface tension forces are shown to have a  destabilising effect on spinning.


R D Mhaskar & Y T Shah


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