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The SGT publishes a range of monographs, reports and conference proceedings that provide definitive texts on subjects of direct relevance to those working in glass and related areas.


Papers from archives available in PDF format (this service is not available in Internet Explorer browsers please use alternative browsers and report any errors back to us, this is a new service and we are experiencing some technical issues.)


Window Glass Makers of St Helens

R A Parkin This is a record of window glass making by the Company of Pilkington Brothers, at Grove Street, St. Helens from 1826 to 1952. It is wholly about the sheet and rolled glass making factory known as Sheet Works, located in St. Helens at Grove Street only a short distance from the town centre. It was the birth place of the Company of Pilkington Brothers, originally founded as the St. Helens Glass Company in 1826, who started glass making under the Old Cone or No. 1 House, near to the banks of the St. Helens canal. The role of the Pilkington Brothers has long been recognised but it takes more than a hierarchy to establish the foundations of an industry that has become an influence world wide. The three “Ms”, “Men, Materials, and Machines” are the components that have to be brought together by management and in this record it is the men and women to whom this book pays tribute. They, the people of St. Helens who can call themselves glass makers, gatherers, blowers, teazers, producer men, splitters, cutters, carriers, supplemented by the claymakers, masons, smiths, sand getters, and later the chemists, engineers and designers, all of whom inherited that unique spirit and character that was inherent in that little township. 2000, A5 (210 mm × 148 mm), 128 pages with black and white illustrations, ISBN 0-900682-28-0


£ 12.50

The Worlds Famous Book on Glass Making (The Art of Glass)

Antonio Neri Professor Michael Cable has edited a new collected volume including the renowned translation by Christopher Merrett of L'Arte Vetraria by Antonio Neri. Merrett translated the Italian's book in 1662, adding his own observations which were almost as long as the original text. "The World's Most Famous Book on Glassmaking" was then quickly translated into Latin, German, French and Spanish and was used as a reference source for glass makers for the next 100 years. ISBN 0-900682-37-X. Paperback.


£ 25.00

The Science and Technology of Inorganic Glasses and Glass-Ceramics

The Science and Technology of Inorganic Glasses and Glass-Ceramics  AVAILABLE NOW!!
by Ian W. Donald



ISBN 978 0 900682 77 3


£ 60.00

The Glassmakers Pilkington 1826-1976

The Glassmakers Pilkington: the rise of an international company 1826-1976. T C Barker Professor of Economic History in the University of London


£ 10.00


The First Symposium on THE CONSTITUTION OF GLASS, with Introduction and Commentary by Adrian C Wright


£ 30.00

Teaching Glass Better ICG Summer School

Teaching Glass Better 10th Anniversary of the ICG Summer Schools


Edited by
Akira Takada, John Parker, Alicia Durán, Klaus Bange



£ 45.00

Stones and Cords in Glasses

C Clark-Monks & J M Parker Identification of defects in glass is of great practical interest and a matter of importance in the economics of glass production. This monograph is intended as a basic text on the subject and be of use to student and factory chemist alike providing fundamental information on the fault and its source. 1980, A5 (210 mm × 148 mm), 208 pages, black and white illustrations 0 900682183


£ 35.00

Refractories in the Glass Industry

A Collection of Refractories Committee Reports from "Glass Technology" Updated edition for 2010


£ 8.00

Raw Materials for Glass Melting

Bo Simmingsköld Revised, edited and translated by K. H. Teisen & R. D. Wright This handbook serves as a practical guide on raw materials used in glass melting to those concerned with batch handling, glass melting, glass compositions, purchase of raw materials, etc. 1997, A5 (210 mm × 148 mm), 74 pages, ISBN 0-900682-24-8


£ 22.50

Practising Stained Glass Safely

M Stanton Harris Very little data has been collected on health and safety in stained glass, the small amount that exists has gone either unnoticed or undiscovered, therefore, the information collected and researched here should be of benefit. This book has been prepared for the purpose of promoting a safer place of work for anyone who now or in the future, intends to find employment in stained glass work. It does not pretend to be a technical manual on health and safety matters, but is intended to be a useful guide to highlight the dangers when working with hazardous materials in everyday use, and provides directions towards working within the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP). Awareness is the key to a long and fruitful working life, and this simple guideline will, if anything, draw attention to, and generate safer working practices, ensuring the continuation of this ancient art form. 2000, A5 (210 mm × 148 mm), 48 pages with colour illustrations throughout. ISBN 0-900682-26-4. Paperback.


£ 5.50

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