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ICG - 2007

ICG - 2007

2007 ICG


The Society of Glass Technology began publishing its proceedings and transactions in 1917 in its Journal of the Society of Glass Technology. The Journal consisted of three portions: Proceedings and Reports, being accounts of the business of the Society's meetings and reports approved by council; Transactions and their ensuing Discussions which had been read to the Society and authorised for publication; and Abstracts and Reviews of the British and foreign journals of such papers as may be of service to persons interested in glass. From February 1960 the Journal was split into two parts called Glass Technology and Physics and Chemistry of Glasses. Glass Technology contains reports of applied science in the glass industry. Physics and Chemistry of Glasses contains reports of original studies of the physics and chemistry of glasses, both experimental and theoretical. Both journals continue to publish book reviews and abstracts from the international scientific and technical literature. The SGT publishes a range of monographs, reports and conference proceedings that provide definitive texts on subjects of direct relevance to those working in glass and related areas.

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