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The Society of Glass Technology holds a variety of meetings aimed at all areas of glass, glass science and glass making  from the major international conferences to one day clinic discussions and the annual Conference.

The glass community world wide embraces many diverse strands of glass expertise. This conference in September 2019 is designed to weave together those diverse strands to create a web of knowledge and experience which transcends barriers and divisions. 

The Conference complements formal sessions of scientific and technological presentations with the invaluable opportunity for members to establish and renew personal contacts. It is also the focus for post-graduate students with the New Researchers' Forum on Glass. Senior and retired SGT members are invited to be mentors for the new researchers as well as renew ties with former colleagues with their own social events and factory visits. The widening interest in art and history of glass is served by the Heritage and History Special Interest Group one day meetings held in association with conservators, historians and collectors.

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Furnace Solutions

'Furnace Solutions' - is a one day conference, organised by the Melting Technology Committee, Society of Glass Technology which has been held annually since 2006 at Lucideon formally CERAM, in Stoke-on-Trent. The emphasis of the conference is on sharing experiences, and proposing practical solutions, to the glass melting challenges of today.


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ALL  CANCELLATIONS now made incur a 10% charge. And 6 weeks prior to the meeting 50% and 14 days prior to the meeting 100% charge




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