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The Glass Industry in North America in 1924 JSGT_V08_T286-T302

The Glass Industry in North America in 1924 JSGT_V08_T286-T302

Since last I had the pleasure of visiting the glass plants of America in 1920, trade depression has been experienced both there and in this country. Its onset occurred in both countries at the same time, namely, in November 1920, but whereas the depression has never more than slightly shifted from British trade since that date, in America a period of prosperity once more set in during the autumn of 1922, and the succeeding year, 1923, could be described as a boom year. In February of the present year, however, trade again fell off, and at the time of my visit, in August and September, was everywhere described as dull. Factories engaged in widely different branches of the industry, from fine optical glass to common glass containers, were affected, although some sections, such as those engaged in the manufacture of milk bottles, benefited from the necessity of marketing an essential foodstuff, whilst the makers of fruit jars were enjoying the results of a seasonal demand.


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