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Practical Applications of Pyrometers to Glass Works. JSGT_V08_T109-T116

Practical Applications of Pyrometers to Glass Works. JSGT_V08_T109-T116

It is safe to say that the science of pyrometry shows a rapid and continuous advance in the design and application of such instruments to glass-making. Our knowledge of the capacities and limitations of the various types is also increasing. The particular considerations I desire to set out are to some extent axiomatic and might be held almost to be truisms. I should hesitate to take up time with them were it not that I find very often, in glass works practice, these particular physical facts are ignored or forgotten. In earlier times, when pyrometers were more or less mysterious novelties, the maker of the instrument frequently claimed the user expected, performances that could not be realised in practice, and neither party knew enough about the limitations of the instrument. Fortunately, no instrument-maker need now yield to such a temptation; the limitations of any particular type are becoming better known, and the more the user understands about these limitations the better service he will get from the instrument. The pyrometric millennium has not yet arrived, but there are instruments which, used with full understanding, can give very valuable service.


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