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Continuous High Temperature Measurements in Glass Works JSGT_V08_T105-T109

Continuous High Temperature Measurements in Glass Works JSGT_V08_T105-T109

A successful veteran American glass man has often made the comment, when called on at conventions of glass manufacturers, to express his views as to directions in which one may look for progress in the glass business, that he has two specific recommendations to offer: the more widespread employment of chemists and technical men throughout the industry and the more extensive use of pyrometers and heat-measuring devices and apparatus. Possibly the two suggestions are more or less correlated, as scientifically trained men are likely to demand more exact information of heat conditions than it has hitherto been the practice to obtain. Furthermore, the modern tendency is to demand more exact records of performance in all branches of the glass industry, largely resulting from the adoption of costing systems by progressive manufacturers. Details of the business are much more closely inquired into and recorded, material, labour, fuel, and furnace costs segregated, and the final cost of the product is more or less accurately determined. Practically every manufacturer would like to know more about his business, but the ways and means of so doing often appear too expensive or complicated, throwing some doubt on their accuracy, especially if the resulting figures are arrived at by complex processes.


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