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The Use of Pyrometers in the Glass Industry JSGT_V08_T094-T105

The Use of Pyrometers in the Glass Industry JSGT_V08_T094-T105

It is not intended in this short paper to discuss the general theory of pyrometry as applied to works practice, but to give some impressions drawn from the author's personal experience in a number of plants, in the hope that these may be possibly of use to others who want to get the best out of their installations, or who are contemplating enlarging or putting in more up-to-date equipment. The value of pyrometric equipment in a glass factory depends essentially on three factors, namely, on:

(1) The trustworthiness of the pyrometer itself, particularly the clock-work

(2) The skill which is expended on its maintenance, and

(3) The attitude with which the management, foremen and furnace operators regard it


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