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Natural Sillimanite as a Glass Refractory Material JSGT_V07_T248-T261

Natural Sillimanite as a Glass Refractory Material JSGT_V07_T248-T261

One of the most fruitful sources of trouble to the glass manufacturer has to do with the refractory materials which come into contact with molten glass. Cases of exceedingly rapid corrosion of tank blocks, leading to bursts even after only a short working life are known to have occurred comparatively frequently in recent years; the presence of fireclay stones in glass is fairly common, and the rapid corrosion of glass-making pots is a matter that frequently troubles some manufacturers. In the making of optical glass, the proportion of good and saleable glass from a melt would be materially increased but for the pot corrosion that takes place, giving rise to cords and stria? Furnace refractory materials too have sometimes a factor of safety which is distinctly low. These are some of the troubles which glass manufacturers are seldom free from for long periods, and which cause them to sigh for the day when a better refractory material shall appear to replace the existing fireclay. From the research workers' point of view, also, the rapid corrosion of fireclay crucibles makes it exceedingly difficult or even impossible to carry certain pieces of work to their full conclusion; for example, if a glass is required completely free from iron oxide and alumina, one must have recourse to· an expensive container such as of platinum.


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