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Organising for Production from Put Furnaces JSGT_V07_T083-T105

Organising for Production from Put Furnaces JSGT_V07_T083-T105

The subject of this paper will be approached with the aid of experience gained at the Lemington Glass Works, where methods for producing electric lamp bulbs from pot furnaces are modelled on those which obtain in Germany and Holland. Whilst it is admitted that in the appraisal of those who speak of the "art of glass making" the manufacture of bulbs is considered low in the scale of that art, yet, it is a business which, because the article is light, magnifies possible sources of waste, both waste of time and waste of metal. In order to work out a pot of metal in a given time, small gatherings must be numerous and follow quickly on one another. The waste of metal in the moils of light articles generally bears a larger proportion to the saleable product than is the case with heavy articles. These considerations demand close control of both system and workmanship.


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