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Columnar Structure in Sandstone Blocks JSGT_V06_T156-T160

Columnar Structure in Sandstone Blocks JSGT_V06_T156-T160

An interesting example of superinduced prismatic structure has recently been observed in sandstone blocks used in the construction of a glass tank furnace. The formation is identical in every respect with that which takes place in Nature, particularly in the case of a columnar basalt, and is, in fact, a reproduction of contact metamorphism on a small scale. The tank in question was used for the manufacture of green bottle glass. The melting compart156ment measured 19 ft by 15 1/2 ft and was separated from the rounded working end by a fixed bridge. The dead weight capacity of the tank was approximately 84 tons, when filled to a depth of 3 ft. The construction of the tank was on the ordinary lines, the bottom being of fireclay binders built into a series of six arches. Sandstone blocks formed the lowest course of the sides, and these were surmounted by two courses of fireclay blocks.


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