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Magnesia-Soda Glasses

Magnesia-Soda Glasses

T275-T277 (3 pages)

Magnesia glasses do not as yet find a place in commercial manufacture in the same sense as lime glasses; that is to say, three component glasses of magnesia, soda, and silica have no place corresponding with those of lime, soda, and silica. Since, however, magnesia is naturally found associated with lime, there are few lime glasses which do not contain some very small quantity of it at least. As a sequel to our investigation of the physical properties of the lime-soda series, we have undertaken the examination of corresponding magnesia-soda glasses. The general molecular type was, as before, that of the tri-silicate glasses, and the range from 6SiO2.Na2O to 6SiO2.0·9Na2O, 1·1MgO was successfully prepared and tested.


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