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The Glass Industry of North America

The Glass Industry of North America

T166-T200 (35 pages)

The following notes are written after a visit to a large number of factories, more than seventy in number, scattered over a wide area and engaged in the manufacture of a great diversity of products including optical glass, table ware, illumination and general domestic glass, electric insulators, scientific apparatus made both at the furnace and at the lamp, electric bulbs, window and plate glass, and bottles of all kinds. It is much less of a duty than a pleasure that my warmest acknowledgment should be made of the very kind reception everywhere accorded both to myself and to my travelling companion, Mr J. Connolly, who not only shared with me whatever discomforts of travel there were incidental to a lengthy tour undertaken in a comparatively short period of time, but enjoyed with me also the cordial, even at times affectionate greetings of our American members and friends. Whatever value there may be attached to this report, one of its main intentions is to awaken in members both the desire and the intention to go out to see for themselves something of the progress that is being made in America, and by the interchange of ideas and the formation of personal friendships to assist in promoting that sense of good fellowship and co-operation between the two countries which is so greatly to be desired.


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