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Old English Glass Houses Contents Pages



  1. Note on the Glasshouses of the Leeds District in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Early Nineteenth Centuries
  2. The Early Glasshouses of Bristol
  3. Glasshouses on the Wear in the Eighteenth Century
  4. Glasshouses on the Tyne in the Eighteenth Century
  5. Old Nottingham Glasshouses
  6. Cumberland Glasshouses
  7. Notes on the Glasshouses of Stourbridge
  8. The Glasshouses of Dudley and Worcester
  9. The Birmingham Glass Trade: 17401833
  10. West Country Glasshouses
  11. Old Lancashire Glasshouses
  12. Notes on Various Glasshouses
  13. Old London Glasshouses. I. Southwark


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