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Ceramic & Glass Basic Science Contents Pages


Preface 1
I. Introduction and general considerations 5
II. Material origins 15
III. Clay—a general classification 20
IV. Fired clay 35
V. The glass melting process 57
VI. Glass constituents 59
VII. Raw materials for glass and glazes 62
VIII Glass—a general classification 73
IX. Batch calculations 77
X Structure and basic chemistry 80
Structure 80
Basic chemistry 92
XI. Chemical bonding 97
XII. Faults 117
Ceramic faults 120
Glaze faults 130
Faults in glass 139
XIII. Furnaces and kilns 153
XIV. Refractory and insulating materials 156
XV. Firing 167
XVI. Moulds and casting 176
XVII. Adhesives 186
XVIII. Colloids 193
XIX. Colour 195
XX. Safety 233
I. Tables 238
II. Glass recipes 253
III. Bibliography 258
IV. Periodicals 260
V. Organisations and Societies 261
VI. List of figures 263
Index 267

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