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The SGT publishes a range of monographs, reports and conference proceedings that provide definitive texts on subjects of direct relevance to those working in glass and related areas.


Papers from archives available in PDF format (this service is not available in Internet Explorer browsers please use alternative browsers and report any errors back to us, this is a new service and we are experiencing some technical issues.)


Float Pilkingtons' glass revolution by David J Bricknell

The invention and exploitation of the float process is 'one of the great process inventionss of the [twentieth] century' and its magic gave the world the capability of making a valuable, invisible product more cheaply than ever before.  This fascinating new book explores how it was the Pilkington Brothers, one of the smallest of the plate glass producers, came to be the dominant force in the world of glass, through a mixture of brilliant inventiveness, skill, bravery hard work and luck.


£ 9.99

Glass Bottle Making Machines

The developement of Glass Bottle Making Machines by John Trevor Gledhill

ISBN 978-0-900682-67-4


£ 55.00

The Glassmakers Pilkington 1826-1976

The Glassmakers Pilkington: the rise of an international company 1826-1976. T C Barker Professor of Economic History in the University of London


£ 10.00

Glass in Engineering Science - Vol 1

Glass in engineering Science, Volume 1

Optical Birefringence in Glass

by J A Hemsley


ISBN 13-978-0-900682-74-2

Glass Manufacture by Walter Rosenhain

The 7th in a continuing series on how the understnding of glassmaking advancd over the course of three centuries from the early 1600s to around 1920 Translated by Michael Cable,

A history of the firm of Chance Brothers & Co, Glass and Alkali Manufacturers


£ 25.00

Borate Glasses, Crystals & Melts 9 and Phosphate Materials 2

Borate Glasses, Crystals and Melts 9 and the International Conference on Phosphate Materials 2

Glass in Engineering Science - Vol 2

Glass in engineering Science, Volume 2

Glass under Load

by J A Hemsley


ISBN  13-978-0-900682-75-9

History of the the firm of Chance Brothers & Co

A History of the Firm of Chance Brothers & Co., Glass and Alkali Manufacturers. by J. F. Chance Foreword by Michael Cable


This is the eighth and last in a series of books which cover the period from 1612 to 1926. These were written by acknowledged European authorities and allow modern readers to gain some insight into understanding of glass technology at the times when these books were written.
Chance Brothers produced just about every form of glass from scientific equipment to tableware. They made the glass for the Crystal Palace of the Great Exhibition in 1851 but the company also made some 2300 lanterns for lighthouses around the world. This book covers the company history to 1919 with a postscript from January 1926.

 358 pages



£ 25.00

The Science and Technology of Inorganic Glasses and Glass-Ceramics

The Science and Technology of Inorganic Glasses and Glass-Ceramics  AVAILABLE NOW!!
by Ian W. Donald



ISBN 978 0 900682 77 3


£ 60.00


The First Symposium on THE CONSTITUTION OF GLASS, with Introduction and Commentary by Adrian C Wright


£ 30.00

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